Sunday, April 5, 2009

Teenagers and Sex

I'm the mother of two teenagers. I lived through raising two others, and believe me there were times when I wasn't sure I was going to survive. Raising children is hard work. Anyone that says otherwise is either insane, has stepford children (please email me and tell me where I can buy the chip), or is very rich and is hiring someone else to do the dirty work.

Today I was a bit upset over this 14 year old girl speaking sexually in a public room, playing poker, on myspace with a young man. He was told by one of the other men in the room, "Dude, she's only 14!" His response was, "So?" The girl laughed. They kept speaking, but so we couldn't see his profile he left the table and watched instead. She then proceeded to put her real last name on the chat so that he could add her as a friend. Now we all know her name, her age, and her location - all from her profile.

I remember earlier in the week another young girl on myspace was arrested for putting nude photos on her page. Many thought that it was ridiculous that she was taken down as a sexual predator. I don't think people realize that these children are bringing predators on them. They are encouraging pedophiles, not that these people need encouragement, I know. Still, it's inappropriate and just emphasizes my stance that we have serious problems with many of today's youth.

It's a very sad world when young teen girls think it's normal for them to have sex and to blast it across the globe via the internet. We've dropped the ball somewhere. My children are far from perfect but you can ask either one of my teens what would happen if they tried something like this. The answer would be along the lines of them being murdered... it wouldn't happen. Not because my children are perfect little angels that would never consider being stupid, far from it. It's because they know that I monitor them, discipline them, and I also teach them.


Bougie Applebum said...

I think fear is a necessary component. And I don't mean "fear" in a sense you literally think you're going to lose your life. But as you said, just fearing the consequences of your actions. As a teenager I always had my "fear cap" on. I wasn't perfect but I had the sense to know when not to cross the line because I knew my parents would discipline me for my negative actions. Shucks, I didn't even want to toe the line, let alone cross it.

In a lot of parent/child relationships of today, fear and respect are almost nonexistent. Children are acting like adults, and some of the adults are acting like the children - boundaries, respect and discipline need to be brought back.

Just my two cents.

Pasty said...

I agree 100% with what you said.