Friday, July 24, 2009

RI Allows 16 Yr Olds to Be Strippers

One of the most important thing that we can do as adults, parents, teachers, politicians, and as a country is to make sure that we make the best decisions for our children. Last time I looked a person was a child until the age of 18. At 18 they can vote, but they can't drink until they are 21. Why? Because when you become an adult you can see that you were pretty darn stupid as a teenager and your decisions, even though they felt right at the time, weren't always the best. Thus most teenagers live in a soap operaesque world. Almost everything is "life or death."

In Rhode Island a 16 year old can strip, as long as she is home by 11:30 on a school night. At least they have her education in mind here.

However, a 16 year old may not: operate a power saw or pump gas. Lord knows that pumping gas is a lot more dangerous then taking off your clothes for horny old men who've had too much to drink.

Great message you send to the kids there, RI.

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