Monday, June 21, 2010

Condom for Women to Prevent Rape

A doctor in South Africa has come up with an amazing way to help women in the country to keep from being raped quite as often, hopefully. The condom is inserted like a tampon and has little teeth that attach to the rapist's member. He must have the condom surgically removed. Rape Axe was was Dr. Ehlers idea after assisting a rape victim who had said she wished that she had teeth down there.
In my opinion the concept is genius. My only concern is that now when a man rapes a woman in South Africa that is trying to protect herself from rape, disease, and humiliation will she live after his anger and humiliation are inflamed? Hopefully it will shock him and hurt him enough that she will be able to escape. Regardless, this is an ingenious invention and Dr. Ehlers gets kudos in my book.

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