Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rhymed Sestina

Okay, my very first sestina is a rhymed one in iambic pentameter. I know this isn't the traditional sestina, but I thought to get the hang of it I'd try something a little more challenging. Honestly I had written one previous to this, but it was sappy and I erased it. 

So, here's one that is made to make you smile. It's just goofy.

Vampire Seduction

He said, “Come sit with me upon the bed.”
I look at him and his devilish smile.
If my mom found out I would be quite dead.
She wouldn’t care that I had been beguiled.
His words echoed round the brain in my head.
My body swayed back and forth for a while.

 “I will not be quick, this will take a while,”
He said, as he lay prone down on the bed.
Pointed teeth glistened white as he smiled.
Perhaps he will kill me and I’ll be dead
And that is why he can truly beguile -
Shame! Putting such naughty thoughts in my head.

I work to erase wicked thoughts in my head
“Yet what could it hurt to just talk a while?
Oh! How much talking is done on a bed?”
I think, and now he can see my coy smile.
Perhaps it is easy when one is dead,
And they are the one who then beguile.

Never had I been the one to beguile.
What a silly thought to come to my head!
I think I have been standing here a while
As he waits for me to bounce on the bed.
He could melt hearts with those eyes and that smile.
If only he were living and not dead!

Hard to take a boy home who is quite dead
For him to look at your mother to beguile.
Wow, think of the thoughts going through her head!
I might want to put that off for a while.
Or rethink undulating on the bed.
Decline the offer with a simple smile?

And yet I know he wants more than a smile.
Why do vampires need blood when they’re dead?
That is why they truly need to beguile
To get to your neck by fogging your head
And kissing you softly when all the while
You don’t notice you’re dying up on that bed!

I look at him, nod my head, and then smile.
Beguile me, my lover of the dead!
Dead sex on the bed; forget life a while.


Margie said...

You, my dear friend, are very artisitic in your writing and witty at the same time. I loved reading this as I imagined your every move in that room with his beguiling you to sit! Or do otherwise, too!

I loved it!

Pasty said...

Thank you, Margie... :) You are so sweet.