Monday, October 24, 2011

An Online Dating Guide for the Single Man

I have friends that are back on the dating scene. Most of the guys they meet seem clueless. So, here is a hint for the men out there that are looking for a woman.

You're sitting at home wanting to go out, but you find it's just really hard to meet anyone. You figure it should be easy, after all men outnumber women in society, but it's just not that easy. So what are you doing wrong? Maybe nothing. Perhaps you just need a few simple suggestions to help you get back on that dating saddle and ride to your next relationship.

Let's start with online dating, which is becoming the only way most people seem to be able to meet anyone. First, always have your picture up on your profile page. Do not use an old picture or a picture that you took with your ex, but you cut her out. Take the time to get a real up to date picture that looks like you. Nothing sends off warning signs to a woman like a man who won't provide a picture or one that sends a picture that looks nothing like the guy. If dating is really important to you, take a few minutes to clean up your mug, smile, and click.

Another important thing to remember on your profile is to be honest and upbeat. If your profile says something like, “No one wants to date me because most women today just don't like us fat guys,” more than likely you'll make that self-fulfilling prophecy come true. Stick to the positive aspects of your personality, the hobbies you like to have, and what you really would like to find in a relationship. Stay away from stating you are looking for a specific body type. What that tells a woman is that you are just looking for sex. Most women want a man that keeps an open mind when it comes to women. If you state, “only answer if you're thin and good-looking” or “no fatties need apply” you've cut your chances of meeting someone down to about zero.

When you do have a woman that answers your request to chat, keep it light and the tone just conversational. A lot of men go straight to the sex talk. That puts up a huge red flag for most women. You could very well end up on their block list. You'll find most women on a dating site are looking for a relationship that lasts more than one night in the sack. If you're looking for a one night stand, then the dating website might not be your best option. Ask the woman about her interests, her job, and anything else that the conversation you are having seems to lead toward. Do not lie about the amount of money you make, your educational background, or what you do for a living. The truth will eventually come out and you will end up back where you started – dateless.

Finally, when you find that woman that agrees to meet you for coffee or dinner take a small amount of time to clean up. Show that you put a little effort into the date. She'll notice and appreciate it. Also, keep your hands in check. Nothing turns a woman off more than a man that can't keep his hands to himself and has no self-control. It not only makes her feel like you are only looking for another sexual conquest, but it turns her off. As long as it may have been for you since your last encounter, if you really want a second date and like the woman you'll need to restrain yourself and wait just a little longer.

So, just remember these simple little things and you'll be on your way to finding your perfect woman. Keep it honest, keep it simple, and keep your hands to yourself. If you follow these simple steps there is little doubt that you will be off the computer and on your way to dating a real life woman.


black dating said...

Nice tips! I do agree with you, besides if a man really wants to meet a girl effectively through online dating, he must work hard and of course he must be ready for the possible consequences he may encounter.

Just be honest and be yourself and for sure you'll have a great relationship you could ever imagine.

Filipino daing said...

The picture is very cute.I agree with this. You just need to be your self and be mature enough with regards to relationship