Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Yesterday I blocked my blog post with many others to oppose SOPA and PIPA. I made references on Facebook and on other sites. What I found out were that many people had no idea that these bills even existed. Something that would affect their lives was going through our political system and so many people had no idea what it even meant or that it existed. This is the type of thing that scares me. We simply sit back living our lives and become oblivious to things around us. We elect officials that don't ask us about how we think or feel about things. They in turn are influenced by the big money spenders - ones that can further promote their own careers.
 It's a shame that as a people we forget the very basic idea that this country was founded upon - freedom. We fought for liberty from oppression. We banded together as a people against tyranny and over taxation. We were promised that there would be no taxation without representation. We do have representatives, but they don't seem to be fighting for us or to keep our freedoms. They spread rumors, lies, and innuendos about one another in an effort to confuse us so they can stay in power. It is not the voice of the people they represent they hear it is the promise of big money to further their campaigns.
 I remember at one time how every mother used to say "one day my son wants to be president." It was something to be proud of. In reality the job is a thankless one that is run by the party he represents. These two parties have fought so hard against one another that they forgot about how to take care of business. Because of this our country is facing serious financial downfalls. Words such as honesty, integrity, and conviction are on the endangered list because the meaning behind them has been forgotten.
 Remember the words "the land of the free and the home of the brave?" How is it the land of the free when those that work hard for their paychecks receive only 50%-75% of what they work for? How is it the home of the brave when we have so many people that sit at home and complain about issues from the comfort of their chairs in front of a computer when they don't even look to see what is actually happening? It is cowardice to sit back and watch everything that was bought with the blood of patriots wash away in the tears of ignorance.
 Why are the important issues that they spout on things like gay marriage, plural marriage, or abortion? If a man marries a man he loves does it keep food off your table? If a man marries two or even three women does it make you cheat on your spouse? If a woman is pregnant and gets an abortion does it mean that you won't get your income tax refund? Should these even be issues of a governmental body? Not unless we are paying for them with our tax dollars.
 I urge each and every person to become aware of what is happening in this country. I challenge each person to actually see what the issues are that seriously need to be addressed. Not what the politicians tell you needs to be looked at but what really matters. Quit listening to rhetoric and following a political party like it's a religion to be revered.
 We, the people, have put ourselves here and it will take we, the people, to dig ourselves out. Let us show that patriotism and love of the country is not dead. Step outside the confines of Democrat and Republican brainwashing and remove the blinders so you can discover who and what is best to represent this country and bring it back on track.
 One of the first ways is to stop electing people that support big money and bills like SOPA and PIPA and show them that WE will not stand back while they line their pockets at the expense of our freedoms. I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I am not a Liberal or a Conservative. I am not a label that they want to force upon me because I do not stand back and support their continued destruction. I am an American who loves this country and the ideas it was founded upon; and I am tired of watching power mongers rule and ruin and never accept responsibility for their actions.
No more.
If you want to prove you are just like the rest of the people  then get paid like the people you claim to represent

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