Thursday, January 17, 2013

Discovery and Cooking Classes? Gotta love it.

I was watching a show on Hulu today. (I would disclose the show, but it would just prove that I am a real nerd at heart.) I, of course, chose the watch something for 2 minutes and then watch your show commercial free. I assumed I could just doze off for a couple of minutes, but I was wrong. I learned that Kikkoman owns a plant in Wisconsin! I was mesmerized by the commercial and the people working there with what they had to say. As a matter of fact this year they will be making an entire movie about this unusual plant - which just happens to be the largest soy sauce manufacturing plant in the world. Yes. The world!

So, I started searching about the plant and landed on this sweepstakes for $1,000 in cooking classes if you win. (One of the entries was to write about it on your blog, so yes, this is my entry blurb.)

Of course reading the blog and about the sweepstakes I learned even more about this amazing plant and company. Such as it is run by a woman. I find this intriguing, because it is a Japanese company and a woman has been running it when women weren't even considered contenders in the wide world of business.

Anyway, having grown up on food with soy sauce (being raised by a Korean mom,) I now want to see if they have an outlet store - like the bread factories. I would so be up for a road trip!

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