Monday, October 26, 2009

Ingrid Michaelson in Madison

It was a semi-family trip to see the remarkable Ingrid Michaelson in Madison at the Barrymore theater Saturday night. The show was sold out and the lines waiting for seating went far down the street. Fortunately is was unseasonably warm for Wisconsin.

The girls behind us were from Appleton and had come to see her last year in November. They were full of youthful exhuberance as many friends made their way to see the show, a few who managed to cut in line with them to take advantage of the "it's who you know" policy. The couple in front of us were from South Dakota. He surprised his woman with a 10.5 hour car trip to see Ingrid for her birthday. It was terribly romantic.

The doors opened for seating slightly later than they should have, but people piled in graciously and willingly had their hands stamped to waltz into the theater in order to find seats. We managed to get 2nd row seats with a great view of the stage. That lasted until the show actually started and people swarmed to the front floors blocking all view so they could be closer to the artists performing. The view then became filled with a mass of people who could have cared less if anyone else could see. Some were rather rude pushing their way through to find a square inch to park themselves for the duration of the show. It became clear that the midsection would have been the most preferable seating, but we found out too late.

The first act was Matthew Perryman Jones who looked hot in his blue jeans, beard, and long hair. My husband, Brian, was not impressed with his good looks and he spouted off, "All his songs sound the same and the boy needs a shave." To which I replied, "I think he's sexy." But I must say that he didn't do much to entertain us except sing and say a few quips to let us know he was live and not lip syncing.

The crowd went wild when Ingrid took the stage. She dressed simply in a purple flow top and black jeans. She wore her signature black glasses and smiled at the audience. She was born to perform. She proved that not only is she a talented singer/songwriter, but she is engaging and charming. She knew how to make people laugh and feel welcome. Her form is tiny but her essence is huge.

The band was very good and versatile. Allie Moss is traveling with her on this tour and did a wonderful job with her vocals and acoustic guitar playing. At first it seemed as if the two female guitarists were at odds, but it must have just been the initial stage fright. The first time Allie smiled her face lit up and you could see she was very attractive. She should spend more time smiling. All in all I give the band an A+. They worked well together and were very professional.

During the performance I only had my foot stepped upon 3 times. The same woman managed to keep shinning her cell phone in my eyes. I was happy when she left and was cautious when she reappeared. Do you say anything in a situation like this? Was it an accident or did she just ignore me? She asked if I minded if she sat on the seat armrest. I said, "Sure, but could you be careful, please, to not step on my foot again?" She had no idea she had done so and was mortified. After seeing her boots I can see why she didn't know she had made the slight faux pas. She ended up being a very nice person. I'm sure most people there were. She even bought me a beer because she lost the bet on how old I was. It does pay to look younger. (Thank you, AVON.)

So, here are some hints for those of you that might join us next year:

1. If you don't want to stand up for 3 or 4 hours, remember to sit mid section or in the balcony.
2. Wear sensible shoes.
3. Visit the ATM before going because the theater only takes cash and checks.

If you do get the chance check out Ingrid Michaelson's music and don't miss a show if she comes near you. I know you won't be disappointed.

(picture compliments of Brian Dunbar)

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