Saturday, August 29, 2009

Glofish for the boy - The Super Cool Danio

We have been redoing one of the upstairs bedroom for our 9 yr old. He's been sharing a room with his brother since he was a wee little guy and they've become best friends. So, while out one day I found the cutest little orange fish tank. Orange, up until about six months ago, was his favorite color. It's bright and cheery and he absolutely loves fish. I thought it would be the perfect accent to his new room and he'd have new critters to share his room with.

So out yesterday with a friend to see her mud skipper, an amphibious creature with bulgy eyes that moves faster than a speeding bullet, I saw these bright orange and yellow fish. The literally glowed. They were tiny and quite energetic. Perfect for his tank. So I bought three of them for $18 (I read that they sell for $18 each in Taiwan.) A bit expensive, but the man told me that these were the only patented fish available. Science has created a fish that glows and was bred to "detect pollution by selectively fluorescing in the presence of environmental toxins." Cool, huh? However, knowing this I'm afraid the fish will be going crazy in his room. With everything that he forgets to put away and clean they will be very busy little guys indeed.

Just being in our kitchen they haven't stopped swimming. It took a great deal of patience and half my cell phone battery just to get the picture I put on here.

They come in glowing pink, yellow, and green. I bought two yellow and a pink, but I think I'd like to find a green one to join their ranks.

Another interesting thing is that the pink one have the dna of a coral and the yellow and green ones have been genetically modified with jellyfish DNA. Science sure can be cool.

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