Saturday, August 8, 2009

Khadir, Son of Iraqi Policman, Shows Great Bravery and Strength

As a parent the most horrific thing that could happen to me would be for something to happen to my children. Abdul Qadar found was horrified when he found his 6 year old son had been captured by Al Qaeda operatives and was told that they would kill the boy if his father didn't help them free Al Qaeda prisoners. His father, grieving, stood firm knowing that his child was being sacrificed in order to keep other murderers and terrorists off the street. It is a decision we hope we never have to make.

Despite living with terrorists and being tortured for two years Khadi survived. He was brutalized by people that say they are doing God's work, but I find it very difficult to believe any religion has a god that would condone driving a nail through the leg of a child or pulling out all his teeth with pliers. These people, in the name of their holy war, broke both arms on this courageous young man. Of course he is not the only child they have done this to, but Khadir was rescued and lives to tell about the horrific life these people made him live for two years.

It was the Iraqi police that took a chance with their own lives to follow a lead to save captured and abused children. Risking that they were falling into a trap they took a chance because saving the lives of innocents was worth more then their own lives. That is the type of character that Iraqi's are made from. Iraqi people are not all Al Qaeda, many are victims just like Khadir. Their Koran and religion believe that
God is merciful
. Al Qaeda does not show mercy, they show cruelty and hatred.

Khadir shows a spirit that should help to inspire people. He is a survivor that never gave up hope. His attitude is still one of love and he is grateful for the love of his family and those that work to help protect his people from further abuse by others that use terrorism and intimidation to gain power.

I pray that I never have to make the decisions that Khadir and his family had to make, but if I ever do I pray that I have the same amount of courage.

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