Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coakley Vs. Brown - Shoot Me! I'm a Patriot!

I don't think that it's a sign of partisan politics that caused Martha Coakley to lose the race in Mass. I realize also that President Obama's comment that "Campaigns and candidates matter" was taken as a direct affront to Ms. Coakley. I don't think people should look at it that way because in this case he's right. It was the people running in the election that the people in Mass looked at.

In my opinion the comment that Mr. Brown made regarding the senate seat being the people's seat and not the Kennedy seat is what may have made the greatest impact. The Democrats and Republicans alike seem to be forgetting who elects the people that represent us. It's not supposed to be a Democratic or Republican seat in the Senate, it's supposed to be a body of people elected to represent the ideas and needs of the people in the United States.

Ted Kennedy's widow called the Senate seat his "legacy." It is true that the Kennedy's have represented a great political power for decades in the US. However, I think that idealism is waning through the years as we see new and unknown faces entering the political arena and making an impact on how the American people vote.

It is a mistake to give too much power to a political party. In that case we might as well just have an Oligarchy and not a Democracy. The working party is not represented when you look strictly at a person's political affiliation and not at his or her willingness to stick up for the needs of the American people. The salaries that our representatives make exceed that of the population they represent.

I was told by a democrat after the Obama election that there are no such things as patriots in this country anymore. She was incensed that I had an opinion as to why I didn't think that Obama was the perfect president for our country. I must have been racist or something, but at the very least she considered me to have an archaic viewpoint of politics. I beg to disagree. I think that we need to have that sense of pride in our country to bring back what we have lost. We have become so ingrained in a person's political party that we shine them up like brass and present them like a prize you can win at a carnival. Political candidates are not Kewpie Dolls. They don't sit around and look pretty, the make decisions regarding our future and our childrens' futures.

So, at the risk of showing my Patriotic colors I will say congratulations to Mr. Brown and his stint in the Senate. Perhaps for once we can have a person in office that will actually do what he says he will do and not make excuses as to why it can't be done.

It would be nice to see some of those bi-partisan politics that Obama promised. I would love to see the bridges linked and a good rousing round of Kumbaya as Democrats hold hands and join together for the good of the people of the US instead of worrying about making their pay raise.

I am a Patriot and I stand proud in my love of this country. So shoot me, because evidently I'm becoming an extinct species and I'm sure that many believe we need to make way for all the new and improved technological campaigns.

Complain about everything that you will, but in all honesty we have a wonderful place to live and the only thing that seems to screw it up are the blinders we wear during elections as we gyrate like political sheep (that keep getting sheered) toward our political affiliations.

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