Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How about a little support from our spouse?

I'm one of the lucky ones, and I freely admit it. I have a husband that is extremely supportive, but I know of men out there that need to be slapped and slapped hard. Here's what got me started this morning.

I was reading articles on this morning as usual. I keep abreast of current events and happenings this way. I saw an article on "Men Don't Cheat Because Their Wife is Ugly." Of course the skewed article is a bit flawed and gives only one basic reason a man cheats, "he's unhappy." That aside I started reading responses. I came upon this Neanderthal response from a man:

We respect you as mothers and care givers to our children. However, If you let yourself go and become unattractive then it is our right to go find a better looking piece of tail to mess around with.

Wow. Intelligence becomes him, I'm sure. However, he did manage to spell and use correct grammar. Unfortunately his proper education must have been more important than his moral one. The fact is, I'm sure if his mother saw this she'd be darn proud of her little guy. (Yes, Virginia, that is sarcasm.)

My response to him is as follows:

Well, I imagine that the guest who responded that he has the right to cheat if his wife lets herself go is a fine husband indeed. What exactly constitutes letting oneself go? Women can get heavy for a number of reasons including age, childbirth, menopause, hormonal imbalance, depression, and many other factors. The fact of the matter is that men also can 'let themselves go' without any outside contributing factors. Does this mean that you should allow your wife to cheat on you as well? How about this? If you don't like the figure your wife has then work together to support one another in making yourself more attractive and healthier for one another? The time you spend looking to 'find a better looking piece of tail,' as you so eloquently put it, could be used to support the wife you said you would be faithful to for better or for worse. I seriously doubt it said that you would remain faithful until she lost her girlish figure.

Bottom line is that people that ignore and disrespect their spouses are the ones that cheat for whatever excuses they may come up with. Get a clue.


Ms. Cairo said...

This is a very revealing sentence, too.

>>If you let yourself go and become unattractive then it is our right to go find a better looking piece of tail

The guy clearly doesn't see women as women, but merely as sex providers, "pieces of tail."

Too bad women who get cheated on dont dump their husbands the second they find out, instead of putting up with it. (And husbands whose wives cheat, too - because that does happen!)

Pasty said...

You're right, there are women that cheat on their husbands as well. I think, however, if I had a husband that had the attitude of this particular guy I wouldn't leave him solely for the reason of him cheating on me. His attitude is rather self-centered.