Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here's the Bzz on Trend Micro's Online Guardian

I am a BzzAgent and I was asked to check out Trend Micro Systems new Online Guardian Program. I was excited to do this one, to tell the truth. One reason is because at one time I had sneaky teenagers in my home. I know, no way, right? But yes, it happened. They were doing rather unsavory and unsafe things on the computer. Of course when confronted they denied it. Again, I know, a child lying to us? Unthinkable, right? But it happened. It must have been gremlins coming in and sneaking on the computer visiting porn sites that could bring computer viruses and other children hacking into their Facebook accounts and emails writing unsafe things to total strangers.

Like most parents we didn't want to call the children liars, but we didn't always have proof of what they were doing. With this program you can keep them from having to lie. You can see exactly what they are doing and curtail their activities. This program is even geared toward different age groups and allows the parents to give specific times they can be on the computer. You can even decide how long they can be on a website. It's super cool. Well, the kids might not think so, but your peace of mind will thank you.

 So my recommendation is that if you are a parent of  children that are accessing the internet you really need this program.

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