Friday, May 29, 2009

Susan Boyle is Lovely

Susan Boyle, despite the snickers she received upon her tryout on "Britain's Got Talent," is a lovely woman. Not just because when she opens her mouth to sing is sounds as if she was touched by an angel, but because she has held herself up remarkably well despite the negative press this woman unjustly receives.

This last week she was blasted in tabloids over using cuss words at them because she was tired of being provoked. It was nothing like the tirade of Christian Bale on a member of his movie crew, or even like many other meltdowns by stars that have been in the press. Susan, at this time, has become an overnight sensation. She has been hounded by press and fans. Her quiet life in Scotland will never be the same. To say she has stepped out of her comfort zone is and extreme understatement. It's more like she has moved from Kansas to the Emerald City being hounded by the Wicked Witch and her cronies.

What I find inspiring about Susan is that she perseveres all the negative attention. It has to hurt to have every hair scrutinized by the media and to listen to such unflattering accounts. I admire her spirit as she tramples through. She has been called everything from homely to courageous. Most people are simply fascinated by her.

In my opinion, I think that the attitude of the media and the tabloids are despicable. I understand that they want to make headlines and gather readers to support their careers, but how they do it is underhanded and truth has never been a strong point in their motivation. Susan has withstood more than an average Joe could have put up with. That she hasn't lost her mind shows what stamina this woman actually has.

I'm sure she was encouraged to try out for the show by family and friends. I'm very happy that she desired to share her gift with others and bring a few minutes of joy into home, but also to prove to herself that she really is talented. It's something that many of us sit back in the safety of our lives and wonder because no one likes failure.

If I could say anything at all to Susan I would tell her to hang in there. I think she is an amazing woman with a lot of spunk. She shouldn't conform to what everyone else thinks of as trendy or beautiful, just be herself. At some point a person has to realize that we shouldn't be led around by the media and their concept. We are not sheep and they the shepherd. Stand up for yourself, think for yourself, and be yourself.

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