Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Using Police Cars for Taxi Cabs?

According to the Sheboygan Press, a 48 year old Plymouth, WI woman not only called them to ask for a ride to her ex-husband's house, but she also demonstrated to them why it was imperative for her to go there. According to this not so sober woman her ex's girlfriend was in need of a serious pounding. Since she had been drinking she wanted them to provide her with safe transportation so that she could give the other woman a beating. Police declined. Go figure. They did, however, provide her with some temporary accomondations. She also had spent some time in the early hours of the morning making 14 telephone calls to the household where her ex and his girlfriend reside. According to Sheboygan police this is considered harassment. She's just lucky she didn't get nailed for calling 911 for taxi cab emergency service.

Granted the weather here hasn't been as warm as we like, but liquor to warm up your bones evidently turns your brain into mush. My advice to Doreen L. DeTroye, aka Stupid Drunk Woman, is to find another way to get over her ex. Liquor makes you stupid.

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