Friday, February 19, 2010

Animals of Montana

Honestly, I had no idea that such a place as Animals of Montana existed. However, upon reading their story I was shocked and appalled at how these people were treated by the US government.
Long story short, the people purchased a tiger from a place that had been selling tigers for years. They did everything they were legally required to do and yet they were closed down and fined because 1. the US government official did not send them the written approval and gave them verbal authorization and 2. because the nimrod that sold them the tiger didn't have the licensing that he supposedly was supposed to have had.
There are serious losers in this story, the main losers being the animals. It is unfair and seriously unjust for innocent animals to have to be euthanized just because some government official decided that he is the god of the animal kingdom in the US.
Looking further into the story I found that the seller of the tiger, Kenneth Kraft, was not an altruistic animal person, but he was simply in it for the almighty dollar. He was knowingly falsefying papers to sell animals around the US and he was also killing animals and selling pelts. The guy and his wife are losers that were severely fined and had to serve some jail time.
In my opinion, Animals of Montana is a victim of the Krafts and their illegal operation. He didn't do anything against anyone else. He is now a victim of the US government. The animals, in the meantime, are not getting the care they are used to and are being severely penalized.
I say: write your congressmen and senators and get these unjust charges changed so these people can be put back in business.

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