Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My new Taurus .38 Special Ultra Light

Well, having decided to buy a handgun I had my heart set on a Taurus, although not the one that I ended up buying, which is seen in the photo here. The one I wanted was a semi-automatic 22, but it was almost impossible to find.

I went to a gun dealer in Oshkosh and found this one and I liked the feel of it in my hand. I personally prefer a rosewood handle. I have no idea why.

Anyway, we took it to Shawano and went with my friend, Brenda, and her boyfriend, Bill, and found an out of the way place where we could fire our new guns (because Brenda got one too) without scaring the neighbors or getting arrested. It was super cool. Bill even made a target with a bullseye for us to shoot at.

I was happy I had taken my gun class, and I was ready for about everything except for the sub arctic weather. It was FREEZING outside. I imagine that if we were dead on the target in that weather if a bad guy comes into the house where it's warm he hasn't got a chance in hell of not getting hit.

Anyway, what I thought was funny was every single man that saw my revolver had the same response. "It's a pretty little thing." Wow. I had no idea that guns could be pretty little things. However, if a bad guy comes running through my house and manages to get past a German Shepherd, a crazy cockatoo, and a passel of ankle biters that "pretty little thing" is going to shoot his patootie.

For any other ladies out there looking for a hand gun, I have to say I really like this revolver. It's not just pretty - it's accurate, effective, and not nearly as loud and kicky as some others I've shot.


Reese said...

Very attractive (that means "pretty little thing") and compact (also means "pretty little thing"). What's something like that sell for? I know, priceless, but just, ballpark. (Cross-commented at Pasty's Place.) Thanks,

Reese said...

I mean "cross-commented at Space4Commerce."

Pasty said...

It runs less than $300, and I think it's well worth the money.

Reese said...

Thanks to you both. I've alerted my dealer that I've a hankering for something like this for my wife.

Pasty said...

You're welcome. I bet she'll like it. It comes with an extra set of rubber grips too, btw.