Monday, February 8, 2010

Brad and Angelina Sue Tabloid

Brad and Angelina have had more than their fair share of rumors printed in the gossip rags. I think it might be time to throw the rags out the garbage because that is exactly what they print. Now they are stepping up and suing them for printing the falsehoods. I say, "Bravo."
I realize that people that are in show business who become successful are always in the limelight and others who have less glamorous lives seem to thrive on their supposed misfortunes. It's a shame. I honestly believe that people should just realize that these are just successful people. Why are they successful? Because they are good at their jobs. These aren't gods that walk on water and they haven't asked to be anyone's role models. They have chosen a career that puts them in the public eye. Period.
I think it's great that Angie and Brad have chosen to come forward and do something about the supposed media reports that are causing their family undue stress. These people have children they are trying to raise and lives they are trying to live. They have given money to the less fortunate and have even gone out and worked side by side with people to provide better lives for those that don't have nearly as much. Yet instead of publicizing the good they do people seem to want to thrive on lies and gossip.
I've read on news sites where people are still talking about Pitt's failed marriage to Aniston. They don't stop to realize that he has been with Jolie for longer than he was married. They also don't stop to think that this couple has small children. They have also gone so far as to name divorce attorneys that have never even been in contact with either party. What did they do? Open the yellow pages and point to a divorce attorney? Now that's great journalism.
I commend them on fighting back and protecting their family. Maddox, who was with them at the Super Bowl yesterday, is old enough to read in the check out lanes or on the internet. It must pain him to see lies written about his parents and cause him to fear. Shame on those that think that a dollar is more important than the well being of a child.
In this case you can see that Jolie and Pitt are not doing it for the money, they are doing it for their family and their peace of mind. They simply asked for a retraction which the tabloids denied. I hope the tabloids have to pay for it dearly and perhaps they will give people something more entertaining and at least partially honest.

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