Friday, September 4, 2009

The Big Brother 11 Downfall

This photo depicts Big Brother 11 characters Natalie, Jesse, and Chima.

I have been a fan of Big Brother from the beginning. It's a CBS reality show that has very little to do with actual reality. No one that is going to be locked in a house together in real life would have prizes raining down on their heads. The only reality there is the conniving and back-stabbing that people do in real life, or perhaps the making of a new friendship or quick hook-up.

Every season has a favorite house mate. Sometimes the favorites are fun and charismatic, and sometimes they are just super hot people that make us tune in because we like looking at them. This season Jeff was our eye candy. He was also the person that mostly kept his word. The only time he went back on it was when he became confused and worried that he was being lied to. Not a good thing to do - seconding guessing oneself. But he was human. His other faux pas was that he smoked. Despite his bad habits of cussing, smoking, and bending he had most of the audience mesmerized with his chivalry toward his beautiful and sweet housemate, Jordan. Now Jeff has been evicted from the house and many loyal viewers have quit watching. Why? I can only answer for myself.

Viewers prayed for a divine intervention for Jeff to stay in the house. Many were hoping that Pandora's Box had hope left for him. It didn't happen. Jeff received the first standing ovation of the audience as he departed, and he departed with a smile that could melt a woman's heart and reminded us why we loved this guy so much.

Well, the honest reason I've quit watching this season is because I became a bit disgusted with the reason Jeff went home. Natalie, a 24 year old young woman, set her sights on the prize and has ridden the coattails of other contestants the entire way through the game. She has no redeeming qualities that I can find. She is not charismatic, she is not cute or pretty, and she is not, by a long shot, concerned with hygiene. The entire game she has depended on other people to pull her through, and they haven't disappointed her. Her claim to fame is that she can lie and she does it with ease and no conscious. "Lie and then never admit to lying," she told one of her house mates. It's all fine in order to get your way.

This season had more people that the audience hated then any other season, all aligned with Natalie. The season's antagonists were Jesse, the egomaniac who even wears shirts with his own image; Chima, the shrew who insisted she have her way and ultimately was asked to leave; Ronnie, the rat, who had no redeeming qualities to anyone except Jesse, Chima, and Natalie. Ronnie was the perfect friend for Natalie because he also had very little use for the truth. Most of the audience cheered and threw parties when he left the house.

I hate to see people that are so despicable prosper. I've seen too many people that have been able to lie and cheat and steal in order to get their way. I always wait for Karma to kick in and take over, but sometimes it just never seems to happen. So, for my part I can't watch this game any longer this season because of it.

I, personally, do not believe that we should promote bad behavior to others and reward people for it. There should be consequences for our actions. It's what I teach my children. It is ultimately the reason I'm done with this season of the show.

I don't expect people to follow my lead, but I do expect people to understand my decision.

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Anonymous said...

I also stopped watching bb11. I turned off my tv as soon as nasty Gnat won HOH. I wont be watching anymore. Game over. Who cares who wins..