Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On a Few News Stories of the Week

There have been some odd things going on this week. Of course I have an opinion. Here is my take on a few things:

Kanye taking the mic from Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech: Stupid. He proved that consumption of alcohol kills brain cells. He better quit because I don't believe he can afford to lose many more.

Wilson on calling out Obama during his speech and congress "admonishing" him for his outburst. First off saying someone is lying is not the same thing as calling him a liar. A liar is someone that consistently doesn't tell the truth as opposed to someone that might be mistaken in his assumption. Wilson was rude, bottom line. However, this country is based on freedoms. He should be free to express his ideas and opinions. Personally I think it is refreshing to see someone in congress not asleep and actually paying attention.

On Serena Williams and her outburst. Please, forgive the girl for being upset and human. She was evidently having a bad day. The "outburst" she had was one of the most polite outbursts I've seen. She immediately apologized. Besides, the call on her foot fall was obviously bogus. She had a right to be a bit upset. I'm sure in the future she'll handle it differently.

On everyone that is claiming Wilson's outburst was due to racism. Get over yourself. Seriously, why is it that people bring up racism when a white politician says something against Obama? Did we forget that Obama is half white or that it is America and over half of out country is created of different races, religions, and ideas. The only way to stop racism is to ignore colors of people and just accept people as all being just that - people. We are prolonging our agony.

Today I tweeted a question that I would seriously love an answer to: When did the land of the free and the home of the brave become the field of sheep led by dogs and hunted by wolves?

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