Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Okay, it's no secret that I love AVON and know about a million ways to save money using the products. I also love ideas for cleaning that are good for the house and not harsh on the skin. Last week I sold bubble bath to one of my customers and she was thinking about some soaking and alone time in the bath. She bought the apple pie scent and it was remarkably nice smelling. I have to say, I love bubble baths but never seem to stop to enjoy them.

Then one of my Facebook friends listed a site that had 25 uses for AVON bubble bath. I was intrigued and started looking around a bit and found I might have been the odd man out here. I haven't been using the product to it's fullest extent. I've broken it down a bit here and combined some. What's great is you aren't using harsh chemicals in your house. Great news for those of us that stay at home and have found out that regular cleaning products make us more likely to have cancer.

Here are some uses that I never thought of:

1. Dish soap. I buy dish soap at the grocery store and it costs me over $2.50 for 16 oz. However, I buy the cheapo stuff. I noticed that it is not so great on the hands. Unlike Marge, soaking my hands in dish soap doesn't do anything for them except dry them out. Maybe it's the dish soap or maybe it's the anti-bacterial stuff they put in it. I dunno. A bottle of AVON bubble bath costs about 2 for $10. That's five bucks each for 8 ounces more than what I've been buying. But the AVON is dermatologist tested and is easy on the hands and smells nice. AVON also cuts grease. I can use it in my bath as well, but using dish soap in the bath isn't such a grand idea. Not good for the womanly parts, you know.

2. Cleaning glass. Now a bottle of Windex about the same size costs about the same. Again, Windex is good for only one thing. I am not about to put some in my bath and it doesn't smell as nice. Plus, you use a lot more of the Windex then you do of the bubble bath that you mix together. So, again, AVON wins in my book. Keep some in a spray bottle from the dollar store and use it for general cleaning. It works!

3. Wood cupboards, no wax floors, venetian blinds, etc. The lists I found went on and on about what a super cleaner this stuff is. I have wood floors and finding a decent wood cleaner is not easy. I can't believe I had the solution in my hands the entire time and overlooked it. Wood cleaners are not cheap, believe me. Plus they don't last long, especially when almost your entire house has wooden floors. Then the cabinets? Wow. I seriously was needing something the cut the grease on the cabinets. Dish soap wasn't good and it wasn't good for the wood. Another problem solved.

4. Jewelry cleaner. This is great for cleaning both expensive and costume jewelry. I have cleaners that I bought in small bottle for over $10 each at a show. The guy was proving to me how great this cleaner was...and it did work. Unfortunately I have now found that a little dash of AVON bubble bath and water works just as well and isn't nearly as costly. What was I thinking?

5. Spot Remover. Seriously? Yep, seriously. Not only will putting it straight on your clothes for tough grease stains like butter but it will clean your upholstery spots too. Just put it on without water. For clothes, wash the clothes and let the bubble bath do the work. For the furniture put it on with a damp cloth (damp is just that, not soaked with water) and then sponge it off (again without water.) Water can stain your furniture but the bubble bath won't. Now how cool is that?

6. Scenting the house. My husband has gotten into putting water on the stove and then warming the water with orange peel in it. It's cool. Sometimes you can even add a bit of cinnamon. It's great when you actually have left over orange peel; however, leaving orange peel sitting around in your kitchen waiting for an opportunity is not so nice. Now I've found I can have different scents that work the same way, and I can even use it with some water in my potpourri burner? Super.

7. Car Wash. Nothing for the car is cheap. I also know that one time when I was little I decided to wash my Daddy's car with Ajax. That is NOT a good idea, and I'm speaking from my personal experience here. It takes the paint right off the car. Daddy was not too happy. But again, this bubble bath will clean the car and make it look spiffy. Cuts the grease that is on the cars too. Awesome, right?

8. Laundry detergent. Now this is just too cool for me. I have a son with eczema and laundry soap is so harsh. I buy Dreft, but that gets to be really expensive. This stuff is good for your delicate clothes, but also for your delicate skin. You don't need nearly as much in your was as you do the regular laundry soap. Oh, and guess what? You won't need fabric softener. Cha ching!

9. Pet Shampoo. It is gentle enough for your pets, plus if you add a bit of Skin So Soft bath oil it will keep flies, mosquitoes, and fleas off your pets. SSS is a great bug guard. You can even mix it in your own bath during the summer before going outside to work in the yard.

10. Plant leaves. As you figured out this stuff is good for all your cleaning needs. It also cleans plant leaves and makes them shine without hurting the plant. Totally awesome.

You want to know something else cool? You soak in it in the tub, relax, soothe your aching muscles from all the hard work you do, and when you're done you won't have a bathtub ring. I'm not sure what my kids do to make the horrid rings they have in the tub, but those days are over, baby.

So, if you want to order AVON bubble bath for yourself just click here. You can also read reviews by other people. Gotta love it.

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