Monday, September 21, 2009

Strange Creature found in Panama

Pictures of Three-toed sloth, a three-toed sloth hand, and a three-toed sloth skull.
These to compare with the strange body found in Panama by four teenage boys.

Okay. There are a bunch of teenagers hanging around in Panama when some foreign looking beast comes out of a cave and starts ambling toward you. What do you do? Run? Evidently not until you throw rocks and sticks at it to kill it. Sad.

Granted the thing is weird looking, but it has no teeth. I also don't notice any eyes that are open here. The boys were probably pretty safe, considering.

The video, in Spanish, comes from, and depicts further footage and views of the creature that aren't seen on many other websites. According to their sources they also leave open the possibility that it could be a hoax.

So how would this be a hoax? I'm inclined to believe the boys are telling the truth, but I'm not ruling out that this "creature" is an innocent baby whose parents, for some reason, were forced to live in a new habitat. As humans take over the world animals are going to have to become more resourceful to survive. The claws on this creature immediately reminded me of a three-toed sloth. After looking at it a bit more other aspects of it's body reminded me of a sloth as well.

Yes, I know that sloths have fur. However, if this creature had been living in the darkness of the cave why would it need fur? Or perhaps, being a fetus as scientists have proclaimed, or as one scientist has thought it could possibly be a fetus from some type of sloth. Of course not many agree with him.

So, let me play the Devil's advocate here. At the top of this blog is an image of the three toed sloth, a skull, and his hands. You can see distinct similarities between this and the creature.

IMHO: We should refrain from killing something just on the basis that it looks weird or strange. The creature here obviously wasn't after the boys to eat them, as he has no teeth. If the creature were still alive then perhaps we could have learned more about it's needs and where it came from. Secondly, if it were an alien it is possible that the creature did not die from being stoned but because it wasn't able to exist in our environment. However, this is quite far fetched and I'm not in the least inclined to believe it.

It is my instinct that this is some kind of sloth that emerged from the cave and away from it's mother. It is even possible that the mother died in child birth, which is why the creature was wandering alone. We may never know.

Still, my teenage son says that it was really dumb to kill it. He indicated that the boys could have just run away and brought people back.

Kudos to him. I always knew he was smart.


Brian Dunbar said...

Clearly he's an E.T. who failed to read 'Zog's Guide to the Galaxy' where it says under 'Sol III'

"Approach natives with caution - they are panicky monkeys who throw things."

Pasty said...

Silly boy.... lol.