Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Making of a Website

Honestly, I do know a little HTML code - very little. So, when hubby made my website I was grateful because he did something that I couldn't do... okay, couldn't do well. But I went to this little seminar thingy where they want to steal your money and promise you a pretty little website that has a drop and click. I figured if these guys were doing it someone else was doing it and doing it cheaper. So, I took my free lunch and free ipod coupon (yeah, they didn't spring for the real thing you have to order it on their website and wait for it to arrive from China) and called it good.

I was right! Voila! A drop in website made easy. I could still put in my HTML codes, but they did everything else. They also had a great feature I never knew existed in a free photo editor that I could sit and play with for hours called Picnik. You can use it free or subscribe. It's well worth the time.

So, up went the website! Then came the idea that it needed promoting. I could sit around and wish for visitors, but that seemed about as likely to work well as the new stimulus plan from Washington. So, I added some content on Witchvox, which is a really sharp site for pagans, and started looking around for ideas. There's a lot out there!

Anyway, things are up and running and I'm rather pleased. Life really doesn't have to be all yucky and complicated. Sometimes someone else is kind enough to do all the hard work and let someone else coast a bit.

So, for all those hardworking programmers that are willing to share - Thank you. You guys ROCK!!


Brian Dunbar said...

The website my lovely bride is referring to is the Psychic Key at

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?