Friday, February 20, 2009

Octo-Mom and Money

Well, I have steered clear of writing about the woman that found enough money for invitro and college and having another child while poorly raising her other six children, but today I find that she is looking at a home worth over 1 million dollars. So, where does this money come from? People who are donating, obviously. People who are so into scandalizing the population that they are willing to support her by paying her to make appearances and do interviews. Why? Is it really that interesting? No, it's that tragic.

A company went public today to also offer her round the clock assistance for her children. Some of the babies actually need serious medical care. They ask for her to use the public donations she is receiving, which evidently must be numerous, in order to make certain that her children are well cared for. Does she jump on the opportunity? Nopers. She ignores them. Instead she goes mansion shopping.

So, why are people donating money to this woman? She obviously isn't planning on using it to take care of the children and their needs. She wants to upgrade, obviously, who doesn't?

Hey, I have children here. I am not working and need to stay home. How about donating some of that money this way? Or my friend who is getting divorced and has expenses and two children? Or even my other friend with four kids, a sick husband, and is forced to work 10 hours a day just to keep a roof over their heads? What makes this woman so special? Oh yeah. Media attention and a mental disorder.

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