Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Music Vs. Teen Crime

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The New Zealand city of Christchurch is fed up with unruly teens spreading trash, spraying graffiti, getting drunk and intimidating citizens at a local mall, so they're pulling out the big guns: "Mandy" and "I Can't Smile Without You."

Manilow's music will be piped into the mall where kids are most likely to hang out. Business owners and local officials hope that the easy-listening greatest hits will make the locale just uncool enough to force the teens out. Or, perhaps, soothe them into setting down their spray cans.

"The intention is to change the environment in a positive nobody feels threatened or intimidated," says business association manager Paul Lonsdale. "I did not say Barry Manilow is a weapon of mass destruction."

Wow... I can see it now... Barry Manilow cd's and mp3's will start rising in sales; not from unruly teenagers but from teen parents who have pulled their last straw and have still come up short. Barry Manilow, age 65, can be the new teen icon in the new Millenium. Well, we wanted change.

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