Friday, March 6, 2009

Gary Lewis is a Stand-Up Guy!

I know what it's like to grow up never knowing your father. My father was a dead beat dad that ran off when I was two and we never heard from him again. He never acknowledged me to his family, so they never knew I existed. I grew up okay, but it does make you feel a bit odd as a child at times. Thank goodness for me I had a Daddy that loved me like his own and never made me feel unwanted.

Suzan Lewis, born in 1952, probably knows exactly what I'm talking about. She was told by her ailing mother in 1972 that she was Jerry Lewis' daughter, but Lewis never acknowledged her. When Inside Edition offered to pay for a paternity Jerry Lewis refused to cooperate. However, his son, Gary Lewis (yes, the former Rock N Roll star of Gary Lewis and the Playboys), stepped up to the plate and donated his DNA for testing.

"Asked if she'd like for Jerry Lewis to acknowledge the results of the test, Minoret seems hopeful, but not overly concerned.
"Well of course I would love that [Lewis acknowledging the results], and I don't see why not...but hey, if he can't for whatever reason, he has his Oscar and I have Gary!"
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Both seem elated with the results of the test putting all doubts that anyone might have had regarding her paternity. Her father may not be stepping up, but her brother is standing proudly by her side telling anyone and everyone, even putting it on a website.

Personally I think it's great for them both. Gary Lewis is, in my book, a chivalrous man. I wish him and his sister a lifetime of good memories.

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Anonymous said...

All I Want to Say is...GOD Bless Gary Lewis...A Loving Human Being!!!