Thursday, April 5, 2012

Journey Results of Session 2

You know when you are in a high tech society when your weight loss program puts you in what looks like a space capsule. Then when you put on a white body suit (and believe me, I never thought I would ever be caught dead in a body suit), it just kind of completes the entire picture. I don't know if you could really see through the body suit, but I had decided to enter the capsule au naturale and didn't want to let anyone see any naughty parts, so I blurred it. (You are welcome, by the way. I know you didn't want to see naughty parts either.)

So before getting into the capsule we did our measurements and I did a spray down with the pore opener. I had used the products and showered before I went to True Essence. (I finally got smart and put the link there for you to visit their web page.) I then donned the body suit and was ready for my next session in the capsule instead of in the infra red blanket.

Slime line products
(I apologize for the pictures coming on sideways. I have no idea why they are doing that. Just rotate your monitor if you want the panoramic view to end.)

So, the capsule is amazing. I have experienced it one time before when I wanted to relax and de-stress. It was a very nice experience. I wasn't sure if it would be at that time because I do have trouble with feeling closed in. However, I didn't with this. Perhaps it was because my head was in the open, or maybe it was the aroma therapy. Whatever it is, I didn't feel the least bit worried. So, this time I knew what to expect a bit, even though this treatment was for a different purpose.
 The capsule is very comfortable. It has a wavy design inside that the body fits on and lying down feels more natural than lying in my own bed. Before putting on the lights (red and blue, which is why it looks purple), Margaret West, the owner, puts on the goggles because the lights are super bright.

She tells me everything to expect and what she is doing as we go along. It was very comforting. She put on the lavender aroma to help me relax. The heat was set to go to 150 for me because of my condition and medical history. For others the heat can go as high as 170 degrees.

Unlike the blanket, which I was in for an hour, the spa capsule is set for 30 minutes. Also, the spa capsule monitors certain things going on such as the amount of calories being burned during the session.

The program that we used also had the vibration which felt like a massage going while I baked. I could feel my body starting to get warm, but I was never once uncomfortable. This I found to be very odd because I really don't like hot weather. I don't know if it didn't bother me because I was more focused on the purpose, or if it's because it is a different kind of heat.

Margaret told me that the spa capsule and the SlimLine program was not only moisturizing my skin, contouring my body, getting rid of toxins, but that it also was helping to boost my metabolism. That was music to my ears. I think my metabolism has been on strike since I had my first son thirty years ago.

I have to admit that I did feel energized when the session ended. It was like I had just exercised at the gym. I was not the least bit tired or worn out, something else that surprised me considering I had just been in such a hot place.

The program I am using I get to keep the body suit (it's washable), the creams and lotions come with my package, and the goggles. (My friend Jenny wants my goggles. She's going to have to get her own.)

So, the results of the second day? Did I lose inches?
Yes, I did.
I lost 3/4 of an inch in my neck.
I lost 2 inches in my stomach
I lost 1/2 inch in my thighs.
I lost 1/4 inch in my upper arm.
I lost 1 inch in my chest (by the way, my old bras fit again now. Yippee!)
I lost 1/5 inch in my wrist
I lost 3/4 inches in my buttocks.

It's not over yet. Now I will continue to watch what I eat, continue the chi machine, and start trying to do more exercise to help keep the momentum.

I will, over the next couple of days, make some desserts and put the recipes and results up here until I go to my next treatment next week.

I do have occasionally have a sweet tooth and want to make better choices in that area too.

Next week my daughter is going to start the SlimLine program too. She thinks she can beat my losses. She is younger, but I'm determined. We'll see how it goes.

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