Monday, April 2, 2012

My New Adventure

Yes. It's been a while since I've blogged. I truly intend to be more diligent in what I put on. I also want to write on something that I find important and can help others. For me right now it is my health and body. So, I am starting a new venture I want to share with everyone. I HATE the way I look right now. Over the past few years with the troubles I have had health wise I want to do something about it. Going to the gym is not an option for me. I had a gym membership and was going religiously before all the rest of my health issues kicked in. So, here we go. Here is a little video explaining my new adventure. I hope you join me and cheer me on. I am heavier now than I have ever been. I have been through menopause, had 4 ceasarian sections, had a heart attack, and had to have both of my knees replaced.

Now be nice too. I just woke up and haven't even brushed my hair. (P.S. If you like my skin and lack of serious wrinkles... thank Avon! Ask me and I will tell you which products I use.)


Laura said...

Congratulations Pasty, biggest step is to want it and it's clear that you do. I think you will have success with whatever method you use. If you ever get frustrated, be sure to come back to this video and remind yourself what you want.

Connie Koerth said...

Best of luck to you Pasty! I am excited to follow you on your journey. I truly believe you will do well!

Pasty said...

Thank you guys! I really do want to make a difference in my life. My husband tells me every day that I'm beautiful. I would like to see it myself when I look in the mirror. I don't right now. I will get to that point.

I seriously appreciate the encouragement.