Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Adventure Second Day!

Okay, I survived my first body wrap visit at True Essence on Mason Street in Green Bay! Hoorah!!! Honestly, I hate making videos and taking pictures of myself. I am so not comfortable in front of a camera, but I think it's important for me to do it because it keeps me focused on my goals and maybe will help other people as well.
So, here are the results of the first visit:

Stomach loss - 3 inches
Thighs - 1 inch
Upper arm - no change
Lower arm - no change
calf - no change
feet - no change
neck - 1/4 inches
wrist - 1/4 inches
chest (under breasts) - 1 inch
buttocks - 3.5 inches

Now, this is not a diet. I have to watch what I eat and make sure to drink plenty of fluids or I'm wasting my time and money. This is a choice that I have made for myself to change my lifestyle. I have also started doing the chi machine daily to help get me started on my exercise program and plan on adding more to my routine.

What I want to start doing with this is adding some recipes and such that are tasty, healthy, and work with what I am doing. If anyone has any to share please do! I love to try new things.

Here are pictures of the first visit so you can see how easy it was.
The bag that I used the first time. It's very large.

Laying down and getting positioned on the massage table.

Being covered by the Infrared blanket.

I chose the aroma therapy option. I fell asleep. The music was soothing.

This is the control pad they have. I just had the heat mainly on my middle section.

Afterward you remove the bag and dry off.

Then you apply the Slender Serum again. I forgot mine, but they were kind enough to let me use some of theirs.


Margie said...

You did a great job on blogging this! I think we need to get Aidan to take photos from the head to toe position (never occured to me to do that at the time)as from the feet up is unattractive for anyone. Sorry about that! But the comments were spot on and I appreciate the positive feedback! Good luck with your second session, Pasty! Looking forward to assisting you once again. <3

Pasty said...

That would be awesome. He really needs something to help him. I think it would greatly help his depression too.

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